Safety, profitability and durability
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Passenger safety and vehicle profitability are the top factors to consider when designing a school minibus. On top of that, Integralia has created the in-school as a pleasant space for travelling. This vehicle has everything that is needed for school use. The in-school is the perfect combination of functionality and simple spaces that have been carefully designed so passengers may travel comfortably and safely, while maximising the vehicle’s profitability and durability.

The in-school minibus is available in a variety of configurations, with a maximum capacity of up to 22 passengers plus the driver, and options for people with reduced mobility. All the versions are equipped with seats upholstered in technical leather and have many personalisation alternatives in terms of the colour range and the accessories.

The interior of the in-school complies with all safety regulations and offers passengers the feeling of spaciousness and comfort that is characteristic of Integralia vehicles. The interiors are built using ABS for an impeccable finish that is easy to clean and highly durable. These objectives have also been noted in the materials selected for the floors. Integralia windows give the vehicle an unmistakable identity. The air conditioning system has independent ducts for multi-zone operation*.

The in-school minibus is a profitable and durable vehicle for customers. It is equipped with everything that is necessary to make the school vehicle an example of safety and comfort thanks to the well-analysed selection of proprietary materials used in Integralia’s exclusive design.

*Depending on the version

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