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Technology on the move

Integralia's customer service revolutionizes its efficiency and effectiveness by locating the parts of the minibus in just three clicks. It has surely happened to you at some point, you're driving along and suddenly "bang" a stone hits a window on the vehicle. This stroke of bad luck has consequences: the usually cumbersome process of...
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The R&D value: New machining center at Integralia

Investment in research and development (R&D) is considered one of the main drivers of an economy. Integralia’s commitment to be at the forefront of technology is a success that undoubtedly makes us a global player in mobility. Our solutions are developed by a team of great professionals whose objective is that Integralia's vehicles provide...
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IBBC Integralia Bus board control: A window to a world of possibilities

The management system developed by Integralia has revolutionized the vehicle dashboard. The dashboard on a bus has as many as 83 switches with varying locations and different icons, depending on the vehicle and model. That was the dashboard drivers had to deal with until very recently. The result? No more than 20% of the...
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Pamplona and Martinique: 6,000km apart and working together without hindrance

Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint-Barthélemy are three islands located more than 6,000 kilometers from our headquarters in Pamplona. Bathed by warm crystalline waters, these paradisiacal places located in the so-called French Caribbean leave tourists open-mouthed as they stroll along their white sandy beaches. This year we have sent an order of vehicles there to...
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Our clients, our priority

The pandemic forced many travel routes established for Integralia vehicles to stop. However, the company has been more active than ever in order to revolutionise the way we work and thus position ourselves even closer to our customers. Taking advantage of the down-time in the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic,...
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Integralia thinks: Covid19

 2020 has been the most complicated year in our company's history. The restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic were a turning point in the history of mobility. Bodywork manufacturers are born survivors and over the past year we have amply demonstrated this.  Our business has always been to manufacture vehicles...
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We prepare for the return to school 21-22

Last September's return to school was the most challenging of all times. Integralia was highly involved in this process, which required exceptional measures to protect the health of students and teachers against the Coronavirus pandemic. Our company found that it was not easy to deal with the existing uncertainty. However, we have taken...
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ONE T4 Sprinter minibus by Integralia

The versatility, sustainability and lightness of the chassis ONE

ONE T4 from Integralia offers up to 18 seats plus the driver´s seat and with an amount of baggage space never before seen in the microbus range, thanks to its large capacity that makes six cubic meters of space available for use. Thanks to the good work of the development team of engineers, these new evolutions...
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