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IBBC Integralia Bus board control: A window to a world of possibilities

The management system developed by Integralia has revolutionized the vehicle dashboard.

The dashboard on a bus has as many as 83 switches with varying locations and different icons, depending on the vehicle and model. That was the dashboard drivers had to deal with until very recently. The result? No more than 20% of the possibilities offered by the vehicle were used.

At Integralia we have put an end to this problem. Once again, we have opted for innovation and technology to develop the Integralia Bus Board Connect management system. IBBC is an electronic system designed to simplify and control the functions in a minibus, freeing the driver from tedious buttons in order to focus on the main mission: driving.

It consists of two touch screens that collect all the information and settings of the bus, both for the engine and the possibilities inside the vehicle. The IBBC interface is so intuitive that anyone can find the action they need to control in seconds. The device is available in four languages (Spanish, English, French and German) and, among its utilities, allows:

  • Control over the vehicle’s integral lighting: Manage the vehicle’s interior lighting to create different customized atmospheres and generate an ambience of harmony and comfort.
  • Service door operation: opening and closing, as well as a courtesy light and special programming.
  • Adapt climate control: highlights the automatic climate control function that optimizes environmental comfort inside the vehicle.
  • GPS
  • Communication/information screen: display of cameras, trunks, opening, etc.
  • Multimedia system: controls radio, Bluetooth, any USB, microphone, and all other sound inputs. It has dual zone function to separate driver and passenger sound.
  • Activate platform for people with reduced mobility.
  • Configuration: allows maneuvering of possibilities, languages, and collects system access information, switchboards, etc.

Integralia’s innovation team has led the entire design process of the IBBC, a tool already included as standard in all our T-One and One models. This system is the result of an in depth customer user experience analysis, with the aim of allowing drivers to use all the vehicle possibilities and focus on our priority: the comfort and safety of travelers.

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