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The in-urban model combines the most innovative design with the latest safety advances

The Integralia microbus has a different concept of interior spaces for this type of vehicle since it has one of the largest surface areas in the industry for seats as well as a zone for standing passengers.

This model allows a high degree of personalisation of the vehicle’s interior, enabling adaptations for any type of public or private transportation. The microbus stands out because of its Low Floor access that has been designed for maximum passenger comfort as well as to protect the transmission and the elements affected by the transformation as much as possible. This increases the safety of the microbus’ structure and reduces the negative consequences of potential impacts. In addition, the lowered centre gives the driver improved visibility and provides greater stability for standing passengers.

The insulation of the in-urban’s interior is very similar to what is used in vehicles that are aimed at long distance transportation. It has an advanced air conditioning system with independent ducts for multi-zone operation, as well as a high degree of thermal and sound insulation.

The seats are comfortable and of top quality. The in-urban also has two seats for people with reduced mobility as well as an area for a wheelchair. The interior components of the vehicle are highly resistant to acts of vandalism, minimising maintenance needs and improving the vehicle’s profitability. The route boards have white LEDs to improved visibility. The space available for drivers and their comfort has been maximised, and it is possible to create individual and personalised configurations of necessary elements.

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