Integralia has been designated VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz

Integralia has been designated Mercedes Benz VanPartner until 2023. VanPartner recognizes Integralia as a certified partner for individualized bodywork and refurbishment solutions on Mercedes-Benz engines for minibuses. This appointment indicates that Integralia meets the quality, sales, technical and after-sales service demands that Mercedes-Benz Vans imposes on bodybuilders in the area of ​​individual solutions for bodies. In addition, Integralia maintains its own commitment to quality at all levels with its clients, which is added to appointments such as the prestigious Mercede-Benz VanPartner.

Integralia was the first Spanish bodybuilder to obtain this certificate in 2014 and since that year it has faced all the timely renewals that are crystallized with this appointment that lasts until 2023. This appointment demonstrates the close relationship between both brands that allow those who enjoy of an Integralia minibus make the most of the potentialities of the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Integrali.

Exclusive motorization of Integralia with Mercedes-Benz

Integralia motorizes its bodywork range exclusively with Mercedes Benz, in order to achieve a quality commitment in the motorization that meets the standards of technology, comfort and assistance that it raises for its constructive part. Our clients find in this collaboration between Integralia and Mercedes-Benz different minibuses, with unique spaces, exclusive advantages for driving and powerful and resistant engines that do not lose sight of the importance of providing customer service throughout the useful life of the minibus.

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