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Integralia thinks: Covid19

 2020 has been the most complicated year in our company’s history. The restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic were a turning point in the history of mobility. Bodywork manufacturers are born survivors and over the past year we have amply demonstrated this. 

Our business has always been to manufacture vehicles for the transport of people and for more than a year we have had mobility restrictions that jeopardise passenger transport companies and indirectly, companies like ours that manufacturer bodies for passenger transport vehicles. People travel less for a number of reasons, such as the introduction of teleworking and distance learning, the loss of jobs or the closing of major entertainment venues. How many transport operators can even consider renovating, let alone extending their fleets if their vehicles are stationary?

As always, Integralia has stood by its customers during all this time: maintaining the stocks of spare parts and vehicles, looking for financial solutions for customers who could not afford the costs of orders that they had already placed and, of course, taking care of all our services with utmost attention to detail.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to endure this situation. While making every effort, we are asked to make greater investments in R+D+I, to maintain employment and to keep up quality standards. But we do not qualify as part of the tourism sector when it comes to receiving grants. Many companies, like ours, are making a huge effort, but this can’t be sustained indefinitely. 

We are exhausted, but innovation and work have brought us so far and will continue to guide us on this journey. 

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