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Integralia consolidates its position as the leading brand in minibuses

Pamplona, October 16th, 2015

The “essence” of Integralia drives the innovation, customer service and post-sales process to a dimension never before seen in the sector.

Customer service, understood in its broadest sense, is increasingly gaining in importance and the key to the success lies in offering what is needed at the right time. It is a personalised concept, tailor made to the needs of the customer and which can be offered in a pro-active and duly parametrised form. This is the view of Integralia, which has adopted this line of development. It is a task that must be completed together with the customers to reach an adequate offer of products and services that will contribute to improving the profitability for the operator.

From this “integral customer” philosophy, Integralia has positioned itself as leader of its segment with a clear innovative and service-focused orientation. The organisation of the company has been directed at supporting the operator as much as possible and therefore the concept of service covers the needs emerging in the market and detected in the company. A star service that has not gone unnoticed this year and which has led Integralia to position itself as leader in the sector in Spain and to become a benchmark in France, as well as making a market as demanding as that of Germany trust in the brand.

The most innovative things must be done in the present and, under this premise, Integralia has driven changes and trends in the minibus market. The first of these was to assume the stance that we are all responsible for the development of the sector; that this is not something external to the manufacturers and coach-builders, only affected in terms of the rise and fall of sales; that it is not simply about releasing a new model of minibus with a new extra or piece of technology on a regular basis and hoping that the market will accept it or that it will arrive right at the time the market requires it.

Integralia underwent a complete reorganisation so that the whole company would understand and experience this concept of customer-orientation and integral service. First and foremost, it was necessary to know the sector, the day-to-day of the customers, what concerns them, what most helps them; to know the brand’s own customers, the users, why do they take the bus, why do they prefer one brand of minibus over another for travelling, what they want from the sector? Meetings were also held with institutions, associations, specialist press and many players with a role in the development of the sector, which had plenty to say and to which it was necessary to listen.

The key was not in the number of innovations and products launched in the market each year. What are truly important are the specific solutions for each customer, which can help them to improve their business and make it more profitable. In the last two years, Integralia has launched 4 products (in-urban, in-vip, in-tourism, in-vip plus) but what is truly important in its new manufacturer model are the 35 specific solutions developed for customers with very specific needs; needs that are not catalogue-related, but which are decisive for them to be able to perform their work as they wish. According to Oscar Lana, general manager of Integralia, “this is what we are most proud of. Proud that the customer comes to us and knows that we are experts in what we do; that they feel certain that we are going to listen to them and that what we are going to advise will always be within regulations; that it will be the best solution for them and that they have the commitment of all the departments and staff who work at Integralia, from the management to the line assembly operator; that Integralia is their ideal partner in which to trust, to grow and develop their business”.

Ángel Ruiz de Murugarren, technical director of the company states that “service and true customer orientation should be felt in the selection of materials, in the design of the product and its capacity for adaptation, in the sale, in the post-sale, in the accessibility when needs arise, in the financing, in the guarantee, in the supply of replacement parts at record speeds, in the maintenance manuals, in the repurchase of the vehicle at the end of its useful life, etc. At Integralia, we have understood it; we think like the customers and users, and, from that position, we offer our expert opinion, our services and products”.

This year Integralia has taken a very important step in this sense, generating its own extranet for customers. When someone purchases an Integralia minibus, they automatically receive a username and password, which, through the website of the coach-building company, gives them access to all the plans of the vehicle they have bought, its specific maintenance manuals and 24/7/365 online contact with the technical assistance service (SAT), as well as making it possible to request replacement parts even at the weekend. The service is so positive that it even helps the customer in that they can use the garage they always trust, as, with the vehicle plans and the manuals, the garage has the necessary documentation to perform the service required.

With respect to the international roll-out of Integralia, the company has again shown this philosophy, deploying the technical assistance service (SAT) network in the country and establishing a distribution centre for replacement parts before commencing sales. The most recent proof is Germany, where Integralia has already sold 20 units and consolidated its entry in the market in its first year of activity. The company has set up its local office in Munich and has won the trust of benchmark Bavarian companies such as Busservice Watzinger GmbH & Co. KG, which has just purchased 5 In-Urban to give service to the MVV 258 line.

According to Miguel Goñi, head of the post-sales service, “when someone asks a customer what they want from a minibus manufacturer, the majority say quality, price, a product adapted to their needs and for no problems to arise with the minibus or, if they do, a rapid response”.

This commitment to quality and service reached its high point last year when Integralia became the first Spanish coach-builder to be named VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz.

The change and evolution in the company has been relational as well as industrial. Throughout this process they have taken into account the habitual users of minibuses in order to gauge their opinion on the comfort and features, on why they prefer an Integralia vehicle or not, and all the responses have been collated and analysed by a team of professional interior designers who work together with the company’s technical director to look at ways of implementing suggestions or making improvements. Only like this can it be ensured that when someone gets in an Integralia minibus they see something different: more light, space, other positive sensations that lead them to want to travel in an Integralia again. That is the result of a whole team led by an expert interior designer who advises the development team, determining combinations of colours, materials, power switches, ergonomics, comfort, etc.

Another aspect on which the company has worked greatly and reached a degree of compliance of 99% is the punctuality in the delivery of the minibuses. According to Oscar Lana, “we know that the customer purchases a minibus because they want to put it in operation. Complying with the delivery deadlines means that the customer is going to be able to fulfil their planning and extract the profitability they need from the vehicle. Our commitment also lies in this”.

This is what Integralia calls its “essence” and its only approach. A way of making minibuses with and for all the senses, the success of which illustrates the leadership of the Spanish market in its segment with a share greater than 56% and exponential growth as it is experiencing in France, where it currently has a market share above 20% and is the benchmark coach-builder in the VIP transport segment, where quality, design and, above all, proximity and service are fundamental.

Integralia in-vip plus, a new version of the elegant and luxurious in-vip

The Integralia brand has presented the in-vip plus version of its model, directed at the most elegant and luxurious segment, on Busworld. The minibus, constructed on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519, has a capacity for 10 passengers plus driver and crew. The vehicle has been designed to offer maximum comfort. The spatial sensation in the vehicle is large-scale and each passenger has their own personal space. Everything right down to the finest detail has been taken care of to provide a comfortable and relaxing journey. The model has a specific Integralia maximum-comfort seat with leather upholstery. The ambient light, the amenities for each passenger made to measure, the upholstery of the walls and the thermal and acoustic insulation of the vehicle make the in-vip plus the ideal vehicle in which to travel. Operators who wish to offer an exclusive ambience to their passengers will find everything they seek to give them the best service in the in-vip plus.

Integralia in-vip

The Integralia in-vip model has capacity for up to 15 passengers. It is an ideal vehicle for travelling and relaxing, even on the longest journeys. Its refined design and feel offer the passenger incomparable sensations. All the versions are equipped with high-comfort seats with leather upholstery. The vehicle has Integralia “Top Class” thermal and acoustic insulation and walls upholstered in technical leather. The floors are presented with top design and in materials of maximum quality. The in-vip model is conceived for the enjoyment of the passenger.

The in-vip minibus offers the customer a high degree of personalisation to create unique, high-quality spaces in which to travel.

Integralia in-urban

The Integralia in-urban incorporates a different conception of the internal spaces in urban minibuses, as it has one of the greatest surface areas in the sector, both for spaces with seats and for the area for standing users, allowing a high degree of personalisation and configurations (max. 26 places). It stands out for its LowFloor access with lowered centre, which gives greater comfort to the passenger, who from the first moment will notice its spaciousness and brightness. Special attention has been paid to the driver’s station, looking after the location of the different control elements on the dashboard and the air conditioning, examining the station to guarantee optimum conditions at any time of year. The professional seat guarantees safety, ergonomics and comfort for the drivers who make intensive professional use of the in-urban.

Integralia in-tourism XL PMR

The in-tourism XL PMR is Integralia’s adapted vehicle par excellence. The flexibility of its spaces makes it possible to accommodate up to four passengers in wheelchairs, but when spaces for persons with reduced mobility are not necessary, the in-tourism CL PMR maintains its configuration of 19 passengers, driver and crew. All the versions are equipped with high-comfort seats with technical leather upholstery and many possibilities for personalisation both in terms of range of colours and accessories.

The comfort of the passenger and the profitability of the vehicle are the objectives of Integralia with the in-tourism XL PMR. It is an ideal vehicle for travelling comfortably both on long and short journeys. Its meticulous design and feel offer the passenger unique sensations. The in-tourism is the perfect combination of pleasant and simple spaces with the greatest attention to detail, conceived for the passenger’s comfort, maximising the profitability and durability of the vehicle.

The interior of the in-tourism offers passengers the immediate sensation of spaciousness and harmony, with interiors constructed in ABS, giving impeccable easy-clean finishes with great durability. The panoramic full-length tinted windows give the vehicle an unmistakeable identity.

Integralia is now recognised as the leading brand in the sector and its essence constitutes the approach and DNA of the company, representing its values and firm commitment to the customer, the driver and the user.

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