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Integralia obtains approval for its vehicles under the demanding R-66.02 regulation

Pamplona, 26/07/2018

This Navarra-based company has successfully passed the rollover test performed on one of its vehicles; this lateral tilting test is a mandatory part of the approval process.

Pamplona, 26 July 2018. Integralia has obtained R-66.02 approval for its range of minibuses by successfully completing the mandatory rollover test. The ECE-R66.02 regulation measures the structural strength of large passenger vehicles.

The test demonstrated that the vehicle made by Integralia maintained the “survival space” intact, which is key to guaranteeing the body structure in the event of any possible collision and, therefore, passenger safety.



The ECE-R66 rollover protection regulation is the most demanding European standard to measure the rollover strength of a vehicle. The new 02 amendment came into force on 9 November 2017 and applies to vehicles with 16 or more seated passengers. This new regulation seeks to increase passenger safety by requiring the successful completion of a rollover test conducted on an actual vehicle.

This approval requires a special effort on the part of vehicle body manufacturers, as it demands the real testing of a minibus, which is subjected to a rollover from a high platform in order to check the structural damage it would suffer in the event of an accident, with particular focus on the vehicle interior.

Integralia has successfully passed this challenge, following an ambitious multi-disciplinary project combining research and development using high-tech materials. As a result of this success, the range of vehicles on offer is practically unaltered.


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