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Our essence - Integralia | Integralia


Our essence

The way in which spaces are conceived in Integralia vehicles makes their design a differentiating element. Our vehicles have naturally become references for aesthetics and functionality, and they have the ability to captivate.

Spaces in which temperature and sound comfort play a major role, where all the senses are taken into consideration, where a relaxing and pleasant experience is created, and where passengers know that they travel safely.

Regardless of the vehicle model, the seats are comfortable, high-quality, with excellent finishes and in line with the use each minibus is destined for.

We strive for the maximum degree of customer satisfaction, which is why we always consider the profitability of our vehicles. A careful selection of top- quality materials and a studied construction make it possible to minimise maintenance costs and extend the useful life of each vehicle.

All Integralia minibuses are made with the CE approval certificate, as per the 2007/46/CE guideline, making
it possible to directly register them in any European Union country while certifying their excellent safety levels.

The Integralia experience: unique spaces

  • Design
  • Elegance
  • Quality
  • Intuitive
  • Fascinating

Responsible design

Our designs are based on creating unique spaces that have been conceived for passenger enjoyment and maximising vehicle profitability.

For every challenge that arises, we find a way to overcome it. We integrate technologies that shape the future and that make mobility lighter and safer. We combine innovative materials in an intelligent manner, while thinking about their use and enjoyment.


Customer service 24 hours, 365 days a year.

At Integralia, we believe that certain services are essential for our customers. Alternatives that provide effective solutions and guarantee the best service, especially when the vehicle experiences a setback.

  • Network of authorised repair shops throughout Europe.
  • We have our own centres for the storage, logistics and distribution of spare parts, strategically located throughout Europe.
  • Online access to all the information about your vehicle and spare part requests.

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