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Work at Integralia
Foto trabaja en integralia

Satisfaction generates motivation

Work atmosphere at Integralia

Aside from your salary, we offer benefits that money cannot buy:

  • a good work atmosphere with all colleagues
  • the opportunity to establish your own personal development.

Personal development:

access to a dedicated, consistent, highly qualified, motivated and committed team is essential in order for Integralia to continue growing and being successful.

Start your journey with us

Are you interested in working with us?

If you are a recent Engineering or Business & Management graduate, you could work with us at Integralia as a junior researcher. Send us your details and CV using the form.

Do you have a university degree and are you interested in working with us?

We offer work experience for Business & Management and Engineering graduates. Suggest it at your university. To participate directly, send us our details and CV using the form.

Would you like to complete your final-year project with us?

If you are an Engineering or Business & Management student, you can complete your final-year project for your bachelor’s or master’s degree in the following areas of Integralia:

  • Integralia internationalisation
  • Integralia product development
  • Integralia production (process analysis)

Contact us directly using the form


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