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One Transfer, the new ONE evolution from Integralia makes its debut at Busworld 2019

At Busworld 2019, Integralia presents its new TRANSFER microbus, the latest evolution of its model ONE adapted for mid-distance and tourist travel, which challenges the concept of the microbus model which we have known up to now, thanks to its capacity and sustainability. ONE TRANSFER is unique in the amount of baggage space that it offers, unique in the comfort it offers to the passengers and unique in the technology that it incorporates in order to increase safety measures – and all this without surpassing its 5, 500 kilos in weight with its Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. Total control of the vehicle from just one console (IBBC), up to six cubic meters of baggage space, extra space for passengers and with electric doors for the driver and bigger baggage space are among the new proposals from Integralia for ONE Transfer, ONE + and ONE 25-seater

ONE Transfer from Integralia offers up to 18 seats plus the driver´s seat and with an amount of baggage space never before seen in the microbus range, thanks to its large capacity that makes six cubic meters of space available for use. At stand 637 in pavilion 6 at Busworld, all the exciting details of this vehicle can be appreciated along with four other models (ONE +, ONE 25, T-ONE URBAN and T-ONE PMR) These constitute the total offer from Integralia for Busworld 2019.

Thanks to the good work of the development team of engineers, these new evolutions and improvements can be seen in all the models and now all the microbuses from Integralia incorporate the IBBC (Integralia Bus Board Control) that allows control of the complete vehicle from a single central console and so increases efficiency and safety and which also greatly facilitates Customer service.

The versatility, sustainability and lightness of the chassis ONE, thanks to its carbon fibre composition and some further developments means that it has been possible to come up with a new interior baggage boot which can hold more than a dozen cabin-sized bags in any of the vehicle models. Its 2 by 2 distribution in parallel rows and its interior flat flooring makes it unique within its range.

ONE +, exclusive and with 18 seats

The new ONE + microbus from Integralia has had its capacity increased up to 18 seats in total, as well as increasing room space for the passengers. Integralia has come up with an offer for 2019 with this microbus where it maintains the exclusiveness of its interior space in this vehicle and which provides a perfect balance between the number of passengers and the amount of space for all their baggage.

The layout of two parallel rows for the passengers continues to be a unique solution in 5, 500 kilos for the Sprinter and it permits some comfort options which Integralia considers to be indispensable such as a cupboard space, a coffee point, a meeting-table and flat flooring with interior tapestry for passengers. ONE + also premieres a new seating model at Busworld which maintains the high standard demanded by Integralia for these microbuses and it improves the aesthetic aspect as well as width and which provides even more comfort for the passenger.

ONE 25-seater

Integralia maintains its standards with this ONE model, providing up 25 seats plus driver with 5, 500 kilos on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. This technological marvel incorporates an IBBC console which gives complete control over the whole vehicle and inaugurates a new baggage space area in order to provide extra baggage space for the passengers. With this new 25-seater model, and the other developments carried out, answers have been found for the demands and requirements expressed by clients and customers who have been using our models and their needs will hopefully be satisfied by these new technical integrations.

T-ONE Urban and T-ONE PMR

The T-ONE model arises from the Mercedes Benz VS30 van and at Busworld Integralia proposes two of their most preferred models: the T-ONE PV, with 19 seats, 4 PMR and vertical platform; and also the T-ONE Urban, with central low floor access, 26 passengers, 1 PMR and automatic platform. This concept of vehicle counts with the IBBC console which allows all the options of the vehicle to be controlled, including the platform.

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