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Our clients, our priority

The pandemic forced many travel routes established for Integralia vehicles to stop. However, the company has been more active than ever in order to revolutionise the way we work and thus position ourselves even closer to our customers.

Taking advantage of the down-time in the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Integralia has reorganised some of the internal protocols to offer customers the best service. Based on an analysis of customer perception of the service, we have worked thoroughly on a project involving the Management, Projects and Customer Service areas in order to achieve a real revolution. The outcome? 

  • Drastic reduction in waiting time because those minutes are key when there is a problem;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the services to achieve the maximum customisation of the products we offer to each client;
  • Increased agility and closeness in each of the services we perform;
  • Deeper knowledge of each customer: knowing their needs and concerns, when they have had an issue and what solution has been provided to solve it;
  • Even faster management of materials and spare parts in order to minimise the time that minibuses remain stationary due to a problem and the costs that this entails.

The most important goal of Integralia’s restructuring process has been to strengthen some critical areas to be able to invest in the future and further position our greatest asset, that is, our customers, at the centre of our business.

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