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Pamplona and Martinique: 6,000km apart and working together without hindrance

Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint-Barthélemy are three islands located more than 6,000 kilometers from our headquarters in Pamplona. Bathed by warm crystalline waters, these paradisiacal places located in the so-called French Caribbean leave tourists open-mouthed as they stroll along their white sandy beaches. This year we have sent an order of vehicles there to renew the fleets of three local companies.

If you’re planning a visit to one of these jewels with unimaginable landscapes, you will probably travel in one of our T-One XL, a 22-seater vehicle with a Mercedes engine that, thanks to spacious seating and an optimal air conditioning system, provides greater comfort for both passengers and driver. 

Integralia is the trusted supplier for several French tourist transport companies located both in mainland France and an ocean away. These customers have chosen us again due to the great quality of our vehicles and, of course, thanks to the good work we’ve done with the after-sales service that we offer our customers. Half a planet separates us from Martinique, Guadeloupe or Saint-Barthélemy. We work in two different time zones, but we still endeavor, as we do with each of our customers, to carry out a detailed analysis of their needs before confirming the order. The result is the trust they place in us from there.

This latest order places us back in the position we always like to occupy, that of a partner to our customers, even transoceanic ones, as if we were working just a few kilometers away from each other. Once again, distance is not an obstacle to give the best of ourselves.

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