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We present Integralia’s vehicle rental service – We can help you with the financing.

Having an own fleet of vehicles is what most mobility companies aim to achieve, a traditional kind of unwritten rule meaning professional success. But, times change. Integralia has developed an exclusive renting service that breaks away from established rules and promotes modern mobility tailored to the market’s demands.

In a world that moves at breakneck pace and in which uncertainty is strongly present in our day to day, Integralia has designed an optimal formula so that our customers feel comfortable when choosing how to pay. Through this rental service, the purchase of a bus becomes a fixed expense, thus enabling our customers to get a new vehicle at the end of the contract or keep the same one, if they so prefer.

As body manufacturers for vehicles, we can offer a competitive advantage to companies that choose this way of acquiring a vehicle. That’s how they have a state-of-the-art fleet. Renting allows you to gradually renovate and always have the most up-to-date vehicles. In addition, this scheme further involves great tax advantages, as that it becomes a service, not figuring in assets, amortisations, debts, or on the balance sheet. And, depending on the financing modality, it need not appear in the CIRBE (Bank of Spain Credit Reporting Agency) report (i.e., the company’s Financial Risk Report).

Unlike leasing, Integralia’s renting service allows companies to adapt to the fluctuations of their business over the years reducing uncertainty and, of course, bringing tax incentives.

Once again, Integralia has opted to place customers at the centre of its strategy to offer them the service that best suits their needs.

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