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The R&D value: New machining center at Integralia

Investment in research and development (R&D) is considered one of the main drivers of an economy. Integralia’s commitment to be at the forefront of technology is a success that undoubtedly makes us a global player in mobility.

Our solutions are developed by a team of great professionals whose objective is that Integralia’s vehicles provide added value to the passenger and driver experience. In addition, and thanks to a specific Research and Development department, we work to apply innovative techniques in production processes. It must be said that in order to come up with solutions that represent a leap in product quality, we must be committed to tools that allow experimentation.

That’s why Integralia has invested heavily in machining centers: to improve the finishing quality of the parts we use for our vehicles. In this way, we have gained the necessary autonomy to make prototypes, test materials and validate our development projects. Thanks to this strong commitment by the company, we now also have the capacity to produce large runs of parts. These centers are combined with large pressing systems in order to offer complete products.

At Integralia, we are convinced that companies must invest in R&D&I in order to achieve new solutions that make our products stand out due to an added value that cannot be found in any other competitor.

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