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Integralia’s new minibus
T-ONE de Integralia 2019.

Today Integralia is releasing its very first T-ONE minibus. For this new development we have drawn from the user experience of over 2,000 clients, our 20-year expertise in coach building, and the latest advances made for our recent ONE vehicle.

After a lengthy research and development process, tomorrow our facilities will open its gates to release the first of Integralia’s new T-ONE models. The Integralia team has made full use of the development of the new Mercedes VS30 Sprinter to introduce and improve advances made for the ONE vehicle, and also in its new T-ONE.

One of the most significant advances in the T-ONE is the multiplexed electric system for all the vans, and the new IBBC system (Integralia Bus Board Control). Thanks to this development the entire minibus can now be controlled from a screen, a feature Integralia is including as standard in of all its new models.

Óscar Lana, the CEO of Integralia, notes that “T-ONE is the best minibus vehicle that Integralia has made to date. We wanted to give our clients all the technological advances we have made in the construction of our ONE vehicle, and we have introduced them and improved all the advances in terms of electronics and comfort that can already be enjoyed in the ONE.”

Regulation 66/02 anti-roll and 107/06 for emergency exit 
T-ONE Integralia
Sprinter VS30 and Integralia
IBBC. Integralia Bus Board Control
Restyling interiors

Regulation 66/02 anti-roll and 107/06 for emergency exit

Our T-ONE models are still updated with Regulation 66/02 anti-roll, which is required as a standard development for all coach builders in order to register any class B vehicle with more than 16 places.

Our clients can continue to drive with peace of mind, knowing their passengers will travel safely thanks to the high capacity of the technology included, minimising consequences in the event of an accident. We are also producing vehicles for use after 10th June, that are adapted to meet the new Regulation 107/06.

Over twenty regular clients are going to receive their new T-ONE vehicles next week, with customised configurations. T-ONE has improved equipment as standard, but it takes on different designations depending on its use, and can include a series of optional packages to adapt it to the personal needs of each client.


T-ONE Integralia

  • T-ONE PBS: adapted vehicle that includes a ground-level platform of high-intensity use, and 19 places + D / PRM 6 (7367 x 2020). It can be configured with standard equipment and basic and tourism packages.
  • T-ONE PV: adapted vehicle that includes high-intensity use vertical platform and 19 places + C / PRM 6 (7367 x 2020). It can be configured with standard, basic and tourism equipment.
  • T-ONE S: vehicle measuring less than six metres with 9/10 places + C (5932 x 2020). It can be configured with standard equipment and basic, tourism, class and vip packages.
  • T-ONE SR: vehicle with 15/16 places + C (7562 x 2020). It can be configured with standard equipment and basic, tourism, class and vip packages.
  • T-ONE XL: vehicle with 22/19 places + C (7562 x 2020). It can be configured with standard equipment and basic, tourism and class packages.
  • T-ONE MOD: vehicle with a quick anchoring system and modular structure to enable the transition between hold space or passenger places 22/19 + C (7562 x 2020). It can be configured with standard equipment and basic, tourism and class packages.
  • T-ONE URBAN: vehicle adapted for urban use, seating 22 or 26 people + C / PMR 1 (7367 x 2020). Includes high-intensity use automatic ground-level platform (26) or manual platform (22) and is equipped with pneumatic suspension (26).


Sprinter VS30 and Integralia

Currently, we are able to use any motorisation with the new Mercedes VS30 Sprinter. The new Daimler vehicle is much more than an evolution, it is a genuine technological leap forwards, especially with its driving assistance systems, passive security and emissions control.

The new VS30 Sprinter that Integralia uses for its minibuses, motorises Euro VI D, the engine from the branch that generates the lowest amount of emissions manufactured to date.

Integralia configures its Sprinter in a unique way in alignment with the knowledge, experience and use of its clients, adding customised extras such as a more powerful battery, a 14 V/250 A alternator, and special preparation for the axles to reach 5.5 tonnes of GVM.

Among the most outstanding elements in the new Sprinter’s passive security and comfort, are: electric steering, rain sensor, fog lights with cornering light, fuel filter with water separator and automatic dipped-beam headlights, to name but a few. All of these features comprise the most comprehensive Sprinter manufactured to date.


IBBC, Integralia Bus Board Control

Integralia Bus Board Control is an internal technological development that uses the implementation of the multiplexed electronic system also found in the T-ONE models, and allows communication to be established between all the parameters of our bodywork and the engine. As well as the control and customisation of all the internal functions, it also offers comprehensive maintenance information about the vehicle.

Now it is easy to access information about brake wear, AdBlue level, oil temperature, battery voltage or the inspections calender. We can understand our vehicle better than ever before, allowing for perfect tuning and enabling us to detect any problems.

The handling of the IBBC is completely intuitive and has been developed so that its use does not affect driving quality. Integralia’s IBBC can play multimedia files, open and close doors, enabling the driver to control and customise the vehicle comfort settings with ease to give customers that little extra they can only find on Integralia minibuses.

IBBC has reached the entire ONE family, making our minibuses even easier to handle and helping the drivers interact with their passengers. Another challenge that Integralia has transformed into an essential reality.

IBBC, Integralia Bus Board Control.

Restyling interiors

Making the most of the introduction of new major technological improvements in the new models, at Integralia we have been restyling interiors using uniform and smooth seats and upholstery, in technical leather and customised exclusively for Integralia. In turn the wooden floors have been updated, configured to last longer and withstand the daily use of a minibus, whilst continuing to create unique spaces in Integralia’s minibuses. USB inputs and hubcaps are standard in all the T-ONE vehicles.

Our commercial department is available to arrange vehicle viewings and to listen to the needs of each individual transporter. Integralia also has the infrastructure needed, in both its team and materials, for deliveries of all kinds and motorisation.

Contact Mariano Va (Export Manager).

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