Emotion and design in the cities

Integralia has ten years experience behind it constructing bodywork for urban microbuses and over vans and in supplying large and small fleets all over Europe and Africa. Integralia’s aim is to maintain the exclusive space in our range of vehicles in the urban models and to provide the necessary resistance, accessibility and sustainability which this sector demands in order to get a return on their investment.

Integralia has vans of 22 and 26 seats over a Mercedes Sprinter 516 with the possibility of an automatic or manual ramp and an electric brake. The development of the T-ONE URBAN means a small and versatile vehicle which can offer great resistance to the user. T-ONE URBAN is a microbus which is ideal for urban routes or for transfer routes with very low emissions thanks to its EURO VI motor. Passengers need not lose out on any of the comforts which come with the larger vehicles when they travel on these microbuses.


The balanced design of the T-ONE with the Mercedes-Benz motor means that the double motor does not punish the transmissions, nor the resending nor the gearbox and attains the durability demanded over time as well as in the daily intensive sessions typical in this type of transport. Some of our customers are using this type of vehicle some 22 hours each day in a very satisfactory manner while others have extended their use beyond a figure of 800.000 kilometers.

Integralia goes for a low floor access and which avoids rear access for passenger during the journey and the balance of the vehicle. All the passengers gain access through the same door and the van is not extended thus avoiding
Integralia is working with urban fleets such as Dbus, Transdev, Keolis, UST and Fraikin; as well as smaller transport companies such as Grand Class (Madrid), Aeroshuttle (Paris), Soler and Sauret (Barcelona), the City hall of Burgos, Autobuses Jimenez (Logroño) or Teo Bus (Galicia); and private customers such as Centre Hospitalier Princess Grace (Monaco).


T-ONE URBAN can move easily around a city route but it could also be a fine option for Transfer Services to the airport. Grand Class operates at the airport of Madrid and Aeroshuttle at Orly with these types of vehicles which facilitate autonomous access for the passengers and which significantly reduce baggage problems while also facilitating service for the drivers. Integralia equips these types of vehicles with a totally interior baggage rack and thus avoids the direct intervention of the driver in the process.

Integralia provides a 3-year guarantee on its bodywork; 14 years of supply of spare parts and its use of a Mercedes motor of a European type means it can receive attention at any Mercedes outlet. Customer service works with stores distributed around Europe which means that the supply of spare parts for the microbus can be carried out in the quickest possible time. Integralia is ready to carry out collaborations with your local vehicle garage in order to guarantee the most secure treatment for the Customer.

Confidence, safety, aesthetics and comfort are four of the principal values of Integralia and which you can find on any one of our vehicles. Wherever there is an Integralia vehicle, Integralia will accompany it so that you can dedicate your time to carrying out your service under the very best conditions.

T-ONE Urban is free from kneeling because the central platform is designed below the height that requires it, however, the rear area maintains the ordinary height to overcome urban obstacles.

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