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T-ONE the minibus with the most possibility of Integralia - Integralia | Integralia


T-ONE the minibus with the most possibility of Integralia

Integralia turns its passion for innovation and technology into its T-ONE minibus. Integralia has more than twenty years of history manufacturing this type of minibus where it seeks an adequate balance between the versatility of using a minibus, and the comfort that travelers require. Integralia works on a common T-ONE platform that it customizes through equipment to develop the version that each client may need. For this reason, we can offer from school versions to exclusive versions or six PMRs from that common T-ONE platform.

Why is T-ONE different?

-Because of the technology and development that this minibus includes as a result of the knowledge acquired from Integralia’s relationship with its customers.
-Because of its lightness and resistance, which allows you to carry up to 22 people plus a driver or 19 with 6 PMR, without exceeding 5.5 tons.
-Because of the unique interior spaces that allow its users not to do without any comfort for traveling by minibus. and perceive a series of unique sensations as a result of the study of ergonomics, luminosity and sound that accompany each traveler.
-For the accessibility of the minibuses from the first step. Integralia has studied accessibility so that all passengers feel assisted at all times in internal transit through the vehicle.
-Because its customization options allow us to adapt to your demand and your tastes.
-For the active and passive safety that accompanies all Integralia vehicles so that tranquility is the predominant note of each transit.


IBBC, the best ally for driving and safety

Like all Integralia vehicles, T-ONE is equipped with IBBC. Integralia Bus Board Control allows you to control all the parameters of the minibus from a double central console on the dashboard. IBBC also makes it possible to focus the driver’s attention on his main task with the elimination of endless pushbuttons. All the functions and parameters of the minibus are configurable from the terminal and allow to offer a specific customization of the cabin if the traveler requires it.

In addition, IBBC includes all the maintenance information and manuals that you may need, including the electrical or door breakdowns that you may need to solve incidents that may arise in daily work with the minibus.

Why Integralia?

Integralia is a company specialized in minibuses and in dealing with its clients to make sure they feel extraordinary. At Integralia we want the experience of traveling, driving and making a minibus profitable to be different and unique.

-Integralia listens and organizes around the client to offer the product that best suits your services, to assist you quickly when you need it.
-Integralia proposes according to a long knowledge base that will allow you to take advantage of the best solutions from other carriers for the same problems or challenges you may have.
-Our experience manufacturing minibuses and continuous listening to the demands of our customers.
-We are nonconformists and we bet on 25 seats in 5.5 tons.
-We are Innovative and we introduce continuous technological improvements, such as IBBC, with which you can control and configure our minibuses from a central console.
-We are unmistakable, because we seek unique interior spaces and that our design does not leave you or your clients indifferent.

Our Client Area teaches you T-ONE

Mariano Va will help you if you need to know more about T-ONE. Here we leave you some of the commercial video visits that may give you a clue.


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