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Technology on the move

Integralia’s customer service revolutionizes its efficiency and effectiveness by locating the parts of the minibus in just three clicks.

It has surely happened to you at some point, you’re driving along and suddenly “bang” a stone hits a window on the vehicle. This stroke of bad luck has consequences: the usually cumbersome process of identifying the glass, negotiations and communication with the vehicle supplier… in short: having the vehicle sitting there for a few weeks without production.

At Integralia we have succeeded in reducing these times to the maximum. Thanks to the Integralia Bus Board Control (IBBC) system, we can find out, in just three clicks, which part is damaged, carry out all the checks, and request spare parts directly. IBBC is the system that has reduced the 83 switches that an average bus driver’s control panel has, and led us to translate them to just two screens in which very intuitive icons allow us to manage all the vehicle’s settings. 

A problem suddenly arises with the vehicle? Access the IBBC, and in three clicks you can see the reference for the material that has suffered damage. This way, we forget about heavy maintenance manuals and manage to speed up customer service as much as possible, both for the driver, for the transport company and for us, Integralia. The windows, the air conditioning system, the most important bodywork parts or the elevating platform for people with disabilities are just some of the elements that we can have control over thanks to this system. In short, Integralia’s commitment to the latest technology lets us know the state of some of the most critical points of any of our vehicles in order to revolutionize the after-sales service.

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