The versatility, sustainability and lightness of the chassis ONE

ONE T4 from Integralia offers up to 18 seats plus the driver´s seat and with an amount of baggage space never before seen in the microbus range, thanks to its large capacity that makes six cubic meters of space available for use.

Thanks to the good work of the development team of engineers, these new evolutions and improvements can be seen in all the models and now all the microbuses from Integralia incorporate the IBBC (Integralia Bus Board Control) that allows control of the complete vehicle from a single central console and so increases efficiency and safety and which also greatly facilitates Customer service.

The versatility, sustainability and lightness of the chassis ONE, thanks to its carbon fibre composition and some further developments means that it has been possible to come up with a new interior baggage boot which can hold more than a dozen cabin-sized bags in any of the vehicle models. Its 2 by 2 distribution in parallel rows and its interior flat flooring makes it unique within its range.


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