We prepare for the return to school 21-22

Last September’s return to school was the most challenging of all times. Integralia was highly involved in this process, which required exceptional measures to protect the health of students and teachers against the Coronavirus pandemic. Our company found that it was not easy to deal with the existing uncertainty. However, we have taken good note to determine our role in this scenario because we are aware that safe school transport is the first measure to keep the virus under control in the educational area.

During this first school year with the pandemic, Integralia has strongly promoted R+D + i. We have further worked from our customer service department to successfully tackle the surrounding uncertainty: we have solved doubts, found solutions and proposed alternatives to complex situations. Among others, we have faced the major challenge of the shortage of some of our components given that they were also ventilator parts for those mechanical ventilation machines so badly needed during the health crisis.

In the financial area, we have promoted schemes for companies in crisis for vehicle renewal through our renting service. In addition, we have vehicles in stock available for any type of need during this exceptional school year.

We are now working on next September. Again Integralia is making every effort to offer all customers the best possible service. All our products guarantee utmost safety, but even more so when it comes to school transport. Integralia has a wide range of products available for school transport and all are equipped with cutting-edge technology active, passive and comfort safety systems.

Specifically, we currently have two minibus models: the T-One model with a capacity of up to 22 seats plus driver and, as a larger alternative, the One model with a capacity of up to 25 passengers plus driver. In both cases, there are many design options depending on the customer’s needs.

Hopefully the scenario of next September will be more flexible, but just in case, we make every effort so that children can travel comfortably and safely to school. Although, of course, they’ll have to wear a mask.

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